“Truancy and the Creative Impulse” What Do The Longitudinal Studies Tell Us?

In recent years there has arisen overwhelming academic interest in truancy and the artistic temperament.

The approach to this rich vein of study is multi-focused: from the frantic search for the truancy/creative genetic marker to cutting edge neuroscientific analysis. "It's like looking for the God gene" said one disillusioned Scientologist. The most persistant of all examinations is the evolving body of sociological research into this disturbing yet strangely compelling phenomenon, with inclusion of semi-structured interviews to explore the Subject's way of life, belief systems and most importantly the "excuses" and the creativity inherent in them.

But mostly this blog will not bore you with graphs and diagrams that I have yet to make up. It will be about Wot-I-Got-Out-Of-Doing So I-Can-Do-Wot-I-Love; putting ink on a page and making things with my mind, heart and hands.

Come with me on this journey of lies and deceit and I'll include a couple of words here and there on my art-in-progress...

Catherine Zimdahl