Gifted: (Cast size: 4 female, 3 male - doubling) Everyone wants to be Lydia - they just don't know it. She is gifted, the medallist of her year from the University of Sydney back in the day, an independently rich, sexy older woman. Such is Lydia's self-perception. She is in fact, a raving alcoholic nightmare that the new neighbours Jade and Greta and their cherished baby must contend with. But Lydia takes a “shine” to them showering them with strange gifts demanding an emotional reciprocity that can only up to a point be given. When whatever Lydia needs can no longer be ‘managed’ the situation devolves from Lydia’s unrelenting attention seeking into much darker terrains as boundaries blur and sleep deprivation takes hold. GIFTED unfolds in a heightened realism that is unashamedly dark and comic. (2 Act Play.)

Closed Door Reading at Arts Platform, Directed by Augusta Supple 2012



HereNowThenThere: (Cast size: 2 actors, both male) A man traumatized by his past, is followed by his shadow self. In his attempts to transcend his difficulties his shadow is always there. It transforms constantly to advocate, lover, tormentor and friend. (20 minutes play.)

PRODUCTION DETAILS: New Theatre (Brand Spanking New 2010) Director: Jane Eakin

moonfleet novel cover.jpg


Moonfleet: (adaptation of the children’s classic by J.M. Falkner) (Cast size: 2 female, 2 male) A ripping yarn of smuggling, a search for treasure and a ghost. Told in promenade theatre style.)

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Co-Produced by Windmill National Children’s Theatre and Mainstreet Theatre Company. Director: Teresa Bell

Awgie award nomination. (60 – 70 minutes)

clark in sarajevo 1998 Griffin Theatre Company.jpg


Cast: Minimum 2 female, 4 male in multiple roles.

Clark In Sarajevo traces the journey of Clark Cant, a mild-mannered reporter, who in an effort to cast off his ordinariness transforms himself into a war correspondent in Sarajevo. It is a play about the gaze of the West as it follows Clark’s fall from a flat disengaged spectator/voyeur of the siege, to a man who comes to embody the complex emotions of an uncomprehending witness to a catastrophe.

2 acts (approx 80 minutes)

Production details: Commissioned by the Melbourne Theatre Company and first produced by the Griffin Theatre Company (Dir: Ros Horin), Sydney, 1998. Also produced by La Boite Theatre Company, Brisbane (Dir: Mark Bromilow), and adapted for ABC Radio (Dir: Christopher Williams).


  • 1998 Griffin Playwriting Award
  • 1999 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award
  • ANPC/New Dramatists Exchange Award
  • Theatre to set the heart racing; to thrill the mind and spirit”
  • Pamela Payne, The Sun-Herald, 1998

family running for my whippy MTC 1995.jpg


Family Running For Mr Whippy is a reverie into the outer suburbs in one woman’s inner world. It is a world which is haunting and hilarious, where imagination and memory intermingle ominously, where the narrator struggles to find her way through it, to go above it, to find a way, out, and to see…

It is an experimental work, approximately 20 minutes long.

Cast: 2 male, 2 female and mixed chorus (Minimum of 3 actors)

Production details: Many productions including those by the Melbourne Theatre Company (1996), director Jenny Kemp, Sydney Theatre Company (1995) director Adam Cook and in New York by the Tiny American Mythic Theatre Group (1997) director Elyse Singer. Adapted for ABC Radio, director Christopher Williams.

Critical Response:

  • Nominated: 1996 Green Awards for Best New Australian Play.
  • “Sublime piece of Australian suburban Gothic” 
  • CRITIC, The Australian, 1996
  • “A most damning and horrific vision of suburban hell…”
  • Sean Maher, Theatre Australasia, 1995.


Cast: Minimum 6 Actors: 3 male, 3 female in multiple roles.

Joss is 22 years old, she’s tried and failed to kill herself, a situation she simply insists was a momentary “sigh for help” but for those close to her there is sufficient reason to be alarmed.

A Day Too Great charts the night of her suicide watch. In her flat, her boyfriend and best friend are with her—watching, waiting, increasingly terrified and exhausted. Through the night Joss’s impulse is to cut and crush those dearest to her, to cast out every demon thought, to wrestle with her murderous god as she tests the limits of love, spinning those in her orbit on a darkening trajectory …

A Day Too Great examines the fragile bonds that hold us all in place, blowing away the comforting aphorisms and asks the question what part of the self needs to be killed in order to live?

Full-Length Play.

Production details: 2003 Melbourne Theatre Company workshop and reading as part of the Hardlines program. Written with the dramaturgical assistance of Playworks. Dramaturgy by Damien Millar.


Cast: Minimum 2 male, 4 female in multiple roles.

It is 1946, Sydney; the war is over and Peggy is a 19-year-old expressionist artist in a Sydney that doesn’t yet understand. But on one fateful night Peggy meets the rich, influential art patrons, the Huxleys. She swoons, she falters, she falls in love. But does love really look like this?

Deviant Art For The Degenerate is about the archetypal wish to be chosen. It examines the cost and necessity of art, as well as the role of creative envy. It is a story of idealism, orthodoxy, and what it means to be bought. 

Production details: Co-commissioned by Playworks and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival, 2002 . This project has received development support from Playworks and was completed with the assistance of a residency at Varuna Writers’ Centre. Dramaturgy and direction by Anna Messariti both workshopping and reading as part of the Mardi Gras Festival.

Vitalstatix National Women’s Theatre, Playgirl Readings Festival (workshop), 2003. Direction by Maude Davey.

PRODUCED ABC RADIO PLAYS (Readily adaptable for stage productions)

THE FOX (Cast size: 2 female, 2 male) Kristen is a 21st Century woman who wants nothing more from the world than a child. In the fog of IVF drugs she finds herself falling into an ancient Inuit fertility myth. (40 minutes approx) Produced by Anna Messariti.

LEFT BREATHLESS A QUESTION:  (Cast size: 1 male, 1 female both middle-aged) Two monologues. A barrister and his wife share the complexities of a marriage from different points of view. On a daily basis “he” deals with marriages broken beyond repair, seemingly unaware that his own marriage is vulnerable. “She” hopes to find answers for her endless questions in shopping. (30 minutes) Produced by Anna Messariti and Michael Bates.

A WORLD INTO A CHILD, A CHILD INTO THE WORLD: (Cast size: 3 female, 2 male) Five characters experience extraordinary moments of being that occur within the most mundane of situations. (30 minutes.) Produced by Anna Messariti.